Who is Earth First Construction?

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Margaret CarswellMargaret Carswell: BA, LLB, BCL; Chairman of the Board and CEO - Margaret created Earth First Construction as a California corporation in 1992: it received its non profit status in 1996. Originally involved solely in education concerning green building techniques, it has evolved into the education of all aspects of sustainability. Margaret has personal experience in many of the relevant areas: ecology, architecture, construction, food, energy, textiles, emotional intelligence, healing arts, and entrepreneurship.

Richard WullaertRichard Wullaert, Ph.D; Chief Financial Officer - Dick has over 40 years experience in all aspects of technology development (research, product development, marketing, management). He specializes in the transfer of technology from concept to operating business. He has been the founder or co-founder of six small high tech companies involved in water technology, materials research, image processing, medical imaging, and alternative medicine, as well as a program manager for large government and commercial projects, and a consultant on strategic planning, R&D operations, and project management.

Frances GillilandFrances Gilliland, BA; Secretary - Frances joined the Board of Directors of EFC in 1999 and recently resigned from the Board to take on the role of Secretary to the corporation. She worked for the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District for the past 17 years and has just begun her own consultancy firm specializing in issues of pollution prevention.ยป

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