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abo cafeGraduates of the Passage have access to other resources of the Center, including an ongoing mutual support system, continuing education classes and Earth First Marketplace. The ABO Café and Cooking School, a restaurant based on the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet, will be established. This will not only serve healthy food but the recipes used will be published and the cooking school will assist people in their commitment to taking responsibility for their own health through right eating.

Once the blueprint for self-healing has been established, this concept can be replicated in any community on the planet. The key to the vision of a sustainable planet is self-responsible people in self-perpetuating communities. True power always lies at the local level. Human beings are tribal people - individually we cannot maintain life very long. For a community to be sustainable, the people who live there must be able collectively to meet the totality of the needs of every member of the community in ways which will allow the community and the planet to thrive. Those six basic needs are food, clothing, shelter, love, energy and beauty.

CommunityThe Community-Building Center, a second division of Earth First Construction, has been researching ways to meet these needs and will serve as an inspirational showcase of sustainable possibilities. The headquarters of Earth First Construction is being transformed into Earth First Farm, an urban, organic, self-sufficient farm based on permaculture principles. Many events take place at the Center and Farm such as weekend workshops, concerts, lectures, film screenings, healing sessions, cooking classes and farming-related activities.»

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