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Finally, Earth First Construction is a family of social businesses which together create a blueprint and provide the means to achieve the goal of sustainable people on a sustainable planet

bodyAny community, as with any individual, is only as strong as its weakest link. To be fully sustainable, every community must be composed of individuals who are themselves sustainable. This means individuals who take full responsibility for themselves: individuals who are self-governing, self-disciplining and self-healing.

water dropThe Self-Healing Education Center researches bioenergetic medicine and establishes the self-healing protocols (tools, techniques and support) which are then offered to clients at the Self-Healing Clinic. The clinic contains continuous flow enema systems which allow clients to cleanse their colons and begin the detoxing process leading to renewed health. Through the Passage Program, clients are introduced to various protocols established to assist them in taking responsibility for their own healing, health and well-being. This is done under the motto: “Conscious Will Heals”. »

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