Earth First Construction

Earth First Living

“Together we can visualize a better world”

It is my observation of many years that our New Year in fact, does not start in January, as the current calendar we use would seem to dictate, but rather in April when the sun lengthens its days and our Mother Earth begins her cleansing and renewal process. So the moment seems perfect to launch this new venture, this adventure in visioning and planning a new world which will work for the highest good of all.

Earth First Construction suggests a plan of action that begins with the individual and moves toward communities of such individuals, eventually culminating in a total transformation of our Planet. Right now it is only a plan, a blueprint that needs to be fleshed out with the participation of dedicated and enthusiastic people, who together can make it happen. We especially need the gifts of qualified colonic hydrotherapists who are ready to shift their practice to a new level.

An infusion of “human energy output” is required. It is this and not gold, oil or Federal Reserve Notes that is the true wealth and creator of abundance on this planet. It is the energy each of us devotes to our tasks that makes things happen. It is that directed energy that deserves to be compensated and, when it is, all poverty in our world will be eliminated. This certainly seems preferable to the act of printing money from thin air, as is currently the case.

We invite you to join with us, to co-create through participatory democracy, to embrace the plan, breathe it into life and live it. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

Welcome to the Earth First family of social businesses.»

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