What is the Global Commons?

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"We can imagine a world where self-responsible human beings live in sustainable communities within one Global Commons."

This vision involves self-perpetuating communities throughout the planet, connected via the internet and globally coordinated by a benign world service organization which would oversee communications, transportation, trade and the Global Commons.

globeIn Europe during the Middle Ages, when the concept of private ownership of land was starting to take hold, undivided land belonging to the members of a local community as a whole came to be known as “the Commons”. This concept can be applied globally today and would include those things which are a part of the Earth, such as land, air, water, wild animals, fish, natural resources, as well as things which are global in nature such as the internet, other means of communication, global currency, etc. These are a part of the human birthright as well as our joint responsibility to manage respectfully if we are to achieve balance on this planet. Our mission now is to assist in the transition from the current system based on the nation-state paradigm with its emphasis on war and belief in limited resources, to the vision of empowered sustainable communities and a world service organization which together comprise a new global political order that will work for the highest good of all life.

This transition can use as its authority three already existing premises. The recognition and implementation of these premises will lead to a functional way of life on our planet. »

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