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In order to move out of the nation-state paradigm with its emphasis on war and belief in limited resources, into the new global vision of empowered sustainable communities and a world service organization, a new consciousness of ourselves as global citizens must be fostered. This will be done worldwide between people of means and vision; the same people who have powered every political change that has happened on our planet historically.  Sojourn Santa Barbara can serve as one meeting place for these visionaries and movers of the global sustainability movement.

The idea is to invite to the farm guests from around the world, one couple (or one individual) at a time, to come and stay at my home for a week minimum visit. I will provide breakfast, introduce them to like-minded people in our community and guide them to the local attractions that would be of interest to them.  They can enjoy the wonderful amenities of my home and community and also experience another facet of life in the US that is so different from the current Federal Government approach. The intention here is to help foster communication and goodwill at the global level. »

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